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Battle of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift Tour

At Isandlwana approximately 22 000 Zulu Imips(warriors) killed 1350 British Soldiers who were supposedly unarmed as their firearms and ammunition had not yet arrived  from Rorkes drift due to the Zulus cutting it off! This particular Battle is world renowned as the worst defeat the British army had ever suffered at the hands of a native force.

The battle of Rorkes Drift took place 30 km away from Isandlwana. It was at this battle that the British are famous for because they won it with just approximately 150 soldiers against 3000 – 4000 Zulu Impis(warriors). This battle became so well known due to the fact that the British Queen handed out 11 Victorian crosses the most at any battle fought against a Native army.

This 14-hour tour takes you back into South African history, with a journey to the Isandlwana Battlefields. Your resident guide and historian will explain and take you through the sites and regale you with the fascinating details of the greatest defeat in the history of British Colonial occupation in South Africa.


Pickup from a centrally located meeting point

Hotel pickup included Informative

Friendly and professional guide

What You Can Expect Battlefields

The trip starts at 6:30am, then drives to the central part of Zululand. You will see beautiful villages and landscapes along the way with various  stops and explanations of the history of the 24,000 Zulu warriors that walked to Isandlwana to battle the British on the 22nd of January 1879. You will then make a stop at the Isandlwana Museum for a short video presentation for about 10 minutes to refresh your memory of the battle. You will proceed to the battlefields for about 45 minutes in which you will have a clear picture of how the battle took place.

You will then make a stop at the Buffalo River for refreshments and lunch, at your own expense, before proceeding to Rorke’s Drift for approximately 40-minutes to visit the museum. See how the British defended the hospital from the Zulu warriors where 139 men, 35 of whom were ill, were able to ward off 4,000 strong Zulu onslaughts, resulting in the death of 17 British soldiers and 3,000 Zulu warriors. You will then be driven back to Durban, via Tugela Ferry, and a short stop at Ambush Rock, arriving back in Durban at approximately 20:00.